Fit Health Into Hectic

How to enhance your health, grow into the person you want to be and so much more!

Time.  The one thing you feel like you don’t have enough of.  The one thing that you can never get back. 

Do you feel like you are always rushing and busy, struggling to find time for yourself?  It is so easy to fall victim to a hectic life.  I am here to help you find ways to fit a healthy lifestyle into a hectic life, slow down your pace, and find peace in where you are and where you are going. 

I am a mom of two spirited children that I have homeschooled for 5 years and counting. I have a part-time job in a clinic as a school psychologist, help run a family business for over 10 years and help my husband with his many side businesses.  We also have a small farm.  Oh, and I am a health and fitness coach and run virtual challenge groups!  My to-do list seems endless some days, yet I can give you tips on how that no longer causes me stress and anxiety, and how you can enjoy that freedom and peace too! 

Finding Peace in a Hectic Life

I have worked with multiple clients throughout the past 3 years, and a common theme I have found is that most people long for peace within their hectic lives.  I know that I have to plan out time for myself or it doesn’t happen. I often have to force myself to live in the moment rather than being distracted by endless notifications on my phone, “home” work, or planning for tomorrow.

Clients, friends, and co-workers frequently ask me the questions, “How do you have the time to do all that you do?  You seem so relaxed!” “Why do you seem to have more than 24 hours in your day?”  “Do you ever sleep?” These questions make me laugh because I was not always so relaxed and there were times that I was up half the night with my mind in overdrive!  I never thought there was enough time to fit everything in.  And to be quite honest, the words I used to use to describe my life and my days sounded more like this: BUSY… OVERWHELMING… TIRING… HECTIC.     

Do those words sound like they describe how you feel most of the time?  Often one of the first responses people give when you ask how they are is “busy.” I created this blog for a few reasons. 

#1: As a health and fitness coach the number one response I get for why people are struggling with reaching their goals is because they are too busy to fit exercise and eating healthy into their schedule.

#2: That used to be me too!

#3:  I have found ways to fit self-care, my to-do list, and a healthier lifestyle into my life and feel at peace at the end of each day.  I want to help others learn how they can fit fitness and healthy foods into their routine despite obstacles that are thrown their way. 

#4:  Personal Development is one tool that changed my life and I’m going to talk about that too!   

Are you ready to learn from my journey and experiences and gain health and happiness?  You and your family will be so happy that you did.